KANOR Auto Monitor 7 zoll LCD digitalen bildschirm Pkw kopfstütze monitor einstellbaren abstand 105 230 MM grau schwarz Beige 2 audio eingang in KANOR Auto Monitor 7 zoll LCD digitalen bildschirm Pkw-kopfstütze monitor einstellbaren abstand 105-230 MM grau schwarz Beige 2 audio eingang

monitor video türsprechstellen, schneidwerkzeuge

Mercedes Benz W222

Other features: Wifi sender video kamera. Flüssigkeit kristall lcd display. Parking rearview priority,2 video input. Plastic + glass. Player toyota rav4. Wholesale autos unfälle. 4.3inch for reverse camera monitor. Anzeigeverhältnis: Sports: Szyl-43c2lr50. Approx. 16.5 * 11.5 * 6cm. For peugeot 607 / 806 / 807 eurovans. 420 tv lines. At-708. Zeepin. Rear view camera: 

Monitor Auto Halterung

Monitor size: Left/right audio output. D8 schocks. Lcd display: Tft lcd ili9341. Ja-43012. A way to obtain sound from the monitors without any cables. 2-channel video input: Auto dachmontage dvd-player. Objektiv material: Note : Display part: G 900 objektiv. 

Video Player Kopfstütze

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2002 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Burst it out!

For fans of big male feet, or feet growing bigger, ripping out of shoes and socks. Submissions welcome!
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“ You Know What They Say About Big Feet —————————————
Nate had just turned 18… he was a smaller guy, with small feet. His dad is 6′3 and has size 14 shoes. He’d always hoped to grow that size. He expected the changes to happen...


You Know What They Say About Big Feet


Nate had just turned 18…  he was a smaller guy, with small feet. His dad is 6′3 and has size 14 shoes. He’d always hoped to grow that size. He expected the changes to happen during puberty, but sadly they didn’t.  He was afraid no girls would like him because he was so small… he was starting college really soon and was sad about his tiny feet and small frame.

He went to bed that night and wished his feet would grow to be the size of his dad’s. (which were about size 14)  He had no idea that his wish would come true while he slept. To his amazement, he woke up that mor ning surprised to find that his feet were now roughly size SIXTEEN. WAY bigger than his dad’s feet.   He realized he couldn’t put on his shoes, so he called in sick to work.(without telling his dad).  He was too embarrassed by his freaky feet.

During the day he laid quietly in his room watching netflix on his phone… suddenly he felt it. His feet were growing, AGAIN. He felt his toes start to expand, the base of his feet  now getting WIDER!

“WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME” he cried out… his feet were now roughly 3 feet long. He laid on his bed watching them protrude into the air. “WHY WON’T IT STOP”….

Suddenly he felt a stirring his his crotch. Blood rushing into his gut, then down into his balls. His balls expanding like water balloons being filled up. He felt the expansion, and started to scream. His dad ran into his room, “Nate, why are you still h—” he stopped mid sentence. He looked at his son’s growing feet and the bulge that was appearing between his legs.

“What’s going on here, son” asked Nate’s Dad.

“I’m growing, dad”… said Nate.

His dad watched in awe at his growing son. Impressed by the size of his feet. He sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped his arm around them. “Wow, these are enormous, son”…. he was overcome with their smell. They were so potent… Nate’s Dad was overwhelmed and suddenly extremely horny. He began to kiss each toe. Nate moaned, as his dad’s tongue covered every inch of his foot. Getting between his massive expanding toes.

“They’re getting… bigger…. “ his dad said, out of breath.

“It’s not just my feet though, dad” said Nate…

His dad glanced up the bed at Nate’s crotch. His cock was fully erect and had burst through his pants. It was easily 2 ft long at this point. The stimulation he’d provided to the feet had caused Nate’s cock to grow at an accelerated rate.

His dad stood up and backed away from the bed, freaked out by what was going on.

“no no no no… said Nate”… “finish what you’ve started.”

Nate clamped his dad between his enormous feet, holding him firmly in place. “Keep using that tongue, it makes my cock enormous”. Nate’s dad was terrified, yet strangely excited. His own cock had become hard, bulging out of his jeans. Nate could see it, and laughed at how small it was.

“Keep worshiping my feet, dad… these are your genes, so you have to deal with this!… START LICKING! I could CRUSH you if i wanted. Keep that in mind.”

Once the licking started, so too did the cock growth. Seemingly no end to the potential size…